Organizational Performance Improvement

Observe, Orient, Decide and Act

Best-in-class organizations continually test their assumptions, processing new information more accurately, and reacting to situations more quickly.





Our research and experience suggest that the superior performing organizations share four common characteristics:

They are adaptive and flexible

They possess, cultive and preserve distinctive strengths vis-a-vis their competitors

They move quickly

They have lazer-like focus on priorities

At GBizQ Services we help our clients improve on all four dimensions.

Our process -- while not exactly linear --  can be generically described by the deceptively simple diagram below.

Leadership Coaching

GbizQ Services has two major offerings to develop, enhance and boost leadership in organizations:

  • Customized workshops for small groups and individuals – content is based solely on proven research in the best Business Schools in the world.
  • Develop individual leadership traits using one-on-one counseling and customized assessments. We will “Fitbit” your progress and provide tools for continuous improvements that can last an entire career.

Our Approach to Career Transition

Strategic - skate to where the puck is going

Data Driven - use benchmarks, response rates, chan


End-to-end - see you there?